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Rectangular Power Contact, CT Series, Tin Plated Contacts, Phosphor Bronze, Socket, Crimp, 26 AWG

1-175102-1 - Rectangular Power Contact, CT Series, Tin Plated Contacts, Phosphor Bronze, Socket, Crimp, 26 AWG

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CT Series


The CT series Connector is a miniature wire-to-board and wire-to-wire interconnect solution. The AMP CT connector series has proven performance in its harness making capability. A variety of harness-making machines are available ranging from hand tools for low volume production to high-speed automatic crimping machines for medium to high volume productions. AMP high-speed automatic crimping machines are easy to operate, eliminating the need for tedious work of changing parts inside the equipment to adapt to changes in harness styles. Two types of housings are available, including crimp and mass terminated (MT), which are preloaded with insulation displacement contacts. The box or shrouded headers are highly resistant to scooping at mating/unmating.
  • 2 Kinds of termination method - IDC and crimp
  • Discrete wire interconnect
  • Circuits range from 2 to 15 single row and 8 to 30 dual row
  • Kinks for self-retention on boards
  • 22 to 30AWG Wire size


Industrial, Computers & Computer Peripherals, Audio, HVAC


CT Series
Tin Plated Contacts
Phosphor Bronze
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