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Browse the full range of official DFRobot products, including Single Board Computers, Gravity modules, add-on boards for many popular platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit etc and educational kits.


Empowering Creation for Future Innovators

Enabling future innovators to create by providing quick, simple, and dependable solutions for a variety of industries, including automotive and energy, aerospace, medical, automation, construction, consumer products, and many more. Platforms ranging from the low-power, high-performance Win 10 LattePanda SBC to the HunskeyLens AI Machine Vision platform to Gravity sensors, robotic platforms, communication modules, and more are all available with detailed and well-organized online documentation that includes operation steps, sample codes, and schematics.

Latest Products

New! LattePanda 3 Delta

The fast and pocket-sized single-board computer for faster connectivity


An Easy-to-use AI Machine Vision Sensor

IoT Router Carrier Board Mini

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IoT Router Carrier Board Mini

Featured Products

LatterPanda Win 10 SBC

LattePanda is a palm-sized single board computer with strong performance and low power consumption that runs complete Windows 10 or Linux.

LatterPanda Win 10 SBC

Gravity Sensors Series

DFRobot Gravity Series is a high quality open-source, modular, plug and play electronics toolkit for everyone to create anything easily

Gravity Sensors Series

Add ons

DFRobot provides a large selection of plug-and-play add-ons enabling powerful expansion of popular boards such as the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and micro:bit. A perfect companion to add functionality to your existing hardware and inspire the next generation of IoT applications.

Raspberry Pi Add-Ons

Arduino Add-Ons

micro:bit Add-Ons

New! Industrial Embedded Computers Hub

Enabling the next generation of industrial applications. Farnell offers the latest cutting-edge industrial embedded computers designed for use in today's most demanding industrial IoT and edge computing environments.

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