Raspberry Pi Audio and Visual

Build your own tablet, design a multi-room audio system or even take photos from space with an extensive selection of audio and visual accessories

Raspberry Pi Displays
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a touch screen tablet, infotainment system, or standalone device. The latest range of displays for the Raspberry Pi gives users the ability to create all-in-one integrated projects, along with Touchscreen capability enabling you to do away with a physical keyboard or mouse.
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Raspberry Pi Audio
Unleash the audio capabilities of your Raspberry Pi. We have teamed up with Cirrus Logic to create an unparalleled audio experience for Pi enthusiasts. The Cirrus Logic audio board adds a powerful class D amplifier to the Raspberry Pi. Make your own great sounding multi room audio system, then sit back and enjoy the delights of listening in high definition audio
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Raspberry Pi Cameras
Photo the world around you with the Raspberry Pi Camera range. The inexpensive, light weight and discrete 8MP camera boards provide you with the chance to experiment across a whole range of photographic techniques, from time lapse and motion sensitive cameras, to taking pictures in the dark; they've even been used to capture images of the earth from space.
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Raspberry Pi Streaming
Build your own highly configurable system for streaming your network content or access any of the streaming services. Use the Raspberry Pi to stream everything from TV and movies, to playing your favourite PC games, or simply sit back and relax to high definition audio.
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EXCLUSIVE Raspberry Pi Customisation Service

Custom versions of ANY Raspberry Pi board available for mass production
purposes with unique access to design & manufacturing services.

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Raspberry Pi Projects and Ideas

Raspberry Pi Weather Station

This super-fun and easy to follow 20 minute kit project leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) using the new Raspberry Pi 3 with built-in WiFi, a Sense HAT, and the Initial State cloud platform.

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PIK3A: The Raspberry Pi 3 IKEA Retro Gaming Table

Follow this step by step guide on how to make a classic gaming table at minimal cost powered by Raspberry Pi 3.

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NoIR V2 - Video Streaming Baby Monitor

Capture low light stills and video using this the latest 8MP Sony lens camera from Raspberry Pi.

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Getting to know the Raspberry Pi Camera and Pi Noir

The Raspberry Pi is capable of many great things but one of the most accessible and rewarding is something incredibly simple, taking a photograph. We take this for granted as a camera comes with our cell phone...

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Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi Build Projects

Watch every Ben Heck Raspberry-Pi feature episode to learn and be entertained.

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LED Coffee Table Hack for Your Home

Build a coffee table with RGB LEDs and Program in Python.

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