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CEL manufactures a range of award-winning, easy to use 3D printers and power tools.

With a focus on innovation, world-class product development and modern manufacturing, the British manufacturer launched the world’s most accessible and easy-to-use dual colour desktop 3D printer, RoboxDual, in January 2017.

Following widespread praise of the 3D printer's high quality, sleek design, useability and unique safety features, CEL launched the upgraded RoboxPRO model in January 2018. Aimed at professionals and engineers as well as users in further and higher education, RoboxPRO contains all the features users love about RoboxDual and many more, including integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, onboard controls, a HEPA air filtration system and huge build volume.

All Robox 3D printers make use of CEL's patented needle valve nozzle control technology. By not needing to rely on filament retraction, RoboxDual and RoboxPRO are up to 30% faster than other dual extrusion 3D printers with instantaneous nozzle switching and no need to build wasteful wipe towers or shields on the print bed.

CEL is known to manufacture high quality products backed up by the best warranty terms of any 3D printer manufacturer. Uniquely, CEL includes limited warranties on all hardware consumable parts and provides technical support from their UK-based technical support team, who are happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone or online.


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