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Om OK International

Only at OK International will you find conduction soldering, convection rework, fume extraction and fluid dispensing products

OK International products allow you to TAP into three advantages over competitive systems:

  • Training Advantage: Our products require minimal training time, and are easy and comfortable to use.
  • Application Advantage: We design our products to be multi-functional and flexible to meet every application need.
  • Productivity Advantage: Our products are proven to improve productivity, yield and your bottom line.

The range includes the premium Metcal brand for soldering and rework systems and the mainstream OKi brand for soldering, fume extraction and fluid dispensing solutions. Both Metcal and OKi soldering systems feature the SmartHeat® technology, which unlike conventional soldering irons, administers heat directly from the heater to the joint insuring total temperature control.

OK International provides expert product support by meeting regional market needs. Farnell stocks a wide range of Metcal and OKi products.

Featured Products

CV-5200 Connection Validation™ Soldering Station

Reduce solder joint defects by validating intermetallic compound (IMC) formation. Improve your solder process traceability and create a performance baseline using CV’s intelligent cartridges plus CV-5000 Monitor software.

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MX-5210 Soldering and Rework System

Highly effective for soldering applications including lead-free, high mass components, multi-layered boards, thermally sensitive components, high volume production soldering and touch-up soldering operations. Can be used for conduction rework of SMDs.

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PS-900 60W Soldering Station with SmartHeat® Technology

Packs power and provides exceptional thermal control into a small benchtop footprint: SmartHeat® Temperature Control, ergonomic, rugged cast aluminium housing and auto -sleep work stand.

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