EVAL-ADF7020-1DBZ5 - 

Daughter Board, Can Plug into EVAL-ADF70XXMB/Development Platform with EVAL-ADF70XXMB2

EVAL-ADF7020-1DBZ5 - Daughter Board, Can Plug into EVAL-ADF70XXMB/Development Platform with EVAL-ADF70XXMB2

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The EVAL-ADF7020-1DBZ5 is an evaluation board for high performance, ISM band, FSK/ASK transceiver IC ADF7020-1. The ADF7020-1 is a low power, highly integrated FSK/GFSK/ASK/OOK/GOOK transceiver designed for operation in the low UHF and VHF bands. The ADF7020-1 uses an external VCO inductor which allows to set the operating frequency anywhere between 135MHz and 650MHz. Typical range of the VCO is about 10% of the operating frequency. A complete transceiver can be built using a small number of external discrete components, making the ADF7020-1 very suitable for price sensitive and area sensitive applications. The transmit section contains a VCO and low noise fractional-N PLL with output resolution of <1ppm. This frequency agile PLL allows the ADF7020-1 to be used in frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) systems. The VCO operates at twice the fundamental frequency to reduce spurious emissions and frequency pulling problems.
  • This kit has low power, low IF transceiver
  • It supports frequency bands of 135MHz to 650MHz
  • Data rates supported are FSK of 0.15kbps to 200kbps and ASK of 0.15kbps to 64kbps
  • Receiver sensitivity of -119dBm at 1 kbps for FSK and -106.5dBm at 9.6 kbps for ASK
  • Programmable output power of -16dBm to +13dBm in 0.3dBm steps
  • It has on chip VCO and fractional-N PLL
  • Low power consumption of 18mA in receive mode and 27mA in transmit mode (10dBm output)
  • It supports on chip 7bit ADC and temperature sensor
  • Fully automatic frequency control loop (AFC) compensates for lower tolerance crystals
  • It has digital RSSI, Integrated TRx switch


Wireless, Medical, Security, Metering, Building Automation


Daughter Board
ADF7020-1 Evaluation Board
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